F.lli Pozzi

Since 1947, leader in packaging with over 10 patents.

Strapping tools since 1947​

For over 75 years, F.lli Pozzi has distinguished itself through its long-standing tradition in the production of strapping machines and manual tensioners for plastic strapping. Our quality is entirely Made in Italy, synonymous with durability over time and reliability.


Each strapping tool has been designed to perform optimally under every effort, ensuring high performance, with a robust construction and an ever-innovative design that makes it suitable for various industrial applications.


With us, you will not only get superior-quality strapping machines but also the certainty of investing in packaging solutions designed to endure over time and successfully tackle industrial challenges.

We present our last product:


Viper is a battery powered strapping tool designed for use with PP and PET materials in 9, 12, 16 and 19 mm sizes. The structure was created to obtain a lightweight and easy to use design. Via an innovative touchscreen interface, it is possible to program the tension force and welding time.

Technical support and development

The training of the technical staff guarantees prompt service and scheduled maintenance on strapping machines and all the products we market.

After-sales service is complemented by the supply of original spare parts, the need for which is dictated by the wear and tear to which components of machinery designed to operate in high-intensity, high-capacity lines or workstations are subjected.

Upon delivery of strapping machines and other machinery sold by us, our specialized technicians provide technical documentation, containing instruction manuals, spare parts list and certification of conformity in accordance with the strictest technical regulations in force; they also train technical maintenance personnel, providing all the necessary information to intervene correctly and effectively on the machines under our responsibility.

At F.lli Pozzi, you can choose from our range of manual strapping tools, and innovative and reliable solutions to meet the packaging needs of companies of all sizes and sectors. Our industry experience allows us to fully understand the challenges of industrial packaging and provide personalized advice to ensure you choose the products best suited to your needs.

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By choosing F.lli Pozzi, you choose excellence in packaging. Contact us today to find out how we can help optimize your packaging process and improve your operational efficiency.

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