Viper is battery powered  and designed for PP and PET strap in 9, 12, 16 and 19 mm formats.

With its completely Italian design, Viper is light and easy to handle, and can be used with one hand for the lightest applications requiring low voltage values ​​up to the heaviest serial loads.

It is possible to combine traditional manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation with soft modes that halve the set values, allowing you to adapt the instrument to the type of application desired.


  • Intuitive graphical interface;
  • Full TFT color display – high definition, 320×240 pixels;
  • Capacitive touchscreen: higher sensitivity, less subject to wear and glass screen;
  • Force/speed indication updated in real time during processing;
  • Variable force/speed levels: 11 normal and 11 soft for all types of loads, for maximum versatility;
  • Editable measurement units (Newtons, Kg and pounds);
  • Possibility to set the cooling time, to guarantee perfect welding even for the heaviest loads;
  • Store up to 8 settings for later use: strength, speed and cooling time can be saved for the type of strap used, the size and type of which (smooth or embossed) can be saved in the same recipe;
  • Diagnostics at your fingertips allows you to view errors and functional tests;
  • Display lockable with a simple clockwise finger movement;
  • Reinforced shell to ensure unparalleled resistance;
  • Easy interface maintenance by removing only the handle;
  • IoT enabled;
  • Italian registered design.
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